Happy New Writing Year!

Ten Titles minus oneI’ve left behind a year which felt productive from beginning to end.
My primary objective for 2016 is that it will be at least as fulfilling as last year.
I will continue to deal with my Work in Progress (WIP) simultaneously, and in that way each project will feel fresh at every session.


What’s on in 2016 for Tom Benson – Author?

1  Publication of A Life of Choice – Part One

Production of Codename: Koki by Malcolm Beadle

3  Revision of each of my present novels.

Publication of A Time for Courage: and other military stories, my next anthology

Produce artwork to accompany Whisper Wood, my submission for the IASD Children’s anthology

6  Produce a short story for the next themed IASD anthology

Produce one of my present novels as a paperback using Create Space

8  Ongoing maintenance and improvement of the IASD website / blog

Read and review more titles from the IASD catalogue

10 Support of the IASD members in whatever capacity I am able


Tom’s blog post – Supplementary

A Life of Choice - Part OneMy aim is to publish A Life of Choice – Part One by Sunday 10th January.


Codename: Koki is the debut novel by Malcolm Beadle. He is fellow writer and friend who is more comfortable scriptwriting, which is why he needs support to edit and fine-tune his first action thriller. Malcolm has a direct and entertaining storytelling style.

Provisional cover idea
Provisional cover idea


As mentioned in a blog post last year, I intend to visit each of my present novels in the order they were published. My intention is to revise each book, but using the reviews as my guide. I will amend the book covers as I complete the revisions.


IASD - globe 2The IASD website / blog is now fit for purpose, but we are going to introduce new ideas and aim to achieve regular interaction for our members and visitors.

The Admin team will be driving the changes, but from this point onward, guided by the comments, suggestions and support of the whole group. There will be more on an update in January.


I’ve got some serious work ahead of me now, so I will thank you for dropping by and any comments.

Let’s get reading, reviewing, and writing!


8 thoughts on “Happy New Writing Year!

  1. Interesting and ambitious agenda for 2016 Tom! Great idea to post this at this time of year; it should help keep you motivated and I’m sure your fans will look forward to your WIP.

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    1. Hi Robert, and thanks for dropping by to comment. Yes, it helps to focus the mind when you make something public, and these days it doesn’t get more public than saying it on the internet. 🙂
      On the subject of fans, I’m sure your fan base will increase now that they’ve all had a chance to climb onto the scales, or check a mirror from behind a screen. 😀


  2. ramonawray

    Busier than a bee, as expected 🙂 May you accomplish all of your goals and then some, Tom! I’ll be tracking your progress and marvel at it as usual…

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    1. Hi Ramona and HNY to you my friend. Yes, I suppose I’ve set the bar high in targets, but it gives me plenty to aim at, doesn’t it! 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words, and I’ll be over your way this evening to check out your pearls of wisdom. 🙂


  3. Julia Lund

    You certainly push yourself, Tom. I have no doubt you will achieve your goals and I’m rooting for you. Looking forward to your next publication and also seeing how you get on with Createspace.

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    1. Hello Denise, and many thanks for dropping by. It’s still early days in January thankfully, and I’m two days away from publishing my next, and three days away from working on the novel I’m editing for somebody else. HNY to you!. 🙂


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