A Life of Choice – five part series.

I completed writing my military memoirs as a serious reflection of my career.  Within that story is violence, sex, alcoholism, humour, drugs, bullying, armed conflict and a lot more besides.  Having since built a collection of books on modern warfare penned by the men who lived through it I have decided to alter my own time in uniform in two ways.

First of all I will feel a greater freedom to expand on certain topics if the work is fact-based fiction.  I also want to focus on the humorous outlook of the average serving soldier.  My view of soldiering will now be told through the eyes of a fictional character.

Secondly, I will no longer refer to my tale as an autobiography, but a fictional novel.  In reality I am writing a tale that I’ve already researched in some depth.  All the interesting ingredients are still there and in the same measure but with a more light-hearted viewpoint.


I sincerely hope it leaves a sense of intrigue and not frustration in the mind of the reader to know that some events actually involved me and some are fictitious but based on events that I know happened to somebody else.



If you should decide that you would like to take this journey I would ask only that you read the books in sequence.


Should you read any of my efforts please leave a review so that I know if I’m on target to entertain.

The covers will be completed with graphic and sub-title as I judge what would be appropriate.


The first four parts are published and appear on the main menu under Novels / A Life of Choice.

Part Five will be available in November 2017.

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