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Hello and welcome to Tom Benson – Creative     

What is it all about? I like to think of it as a ‘writing’ blog, so really, whether it be my own writing, somebody else’s writing, or links to sites, etc., there will be at least a tenuous link. I’ve now had a blog since late 2010.

Before we go too far with this explanatory page, I would like to publicly thank an old comrade from my early military days, Peter Tarrant, for his patronage, interest, and advice. I am first and foremost a writer and artist, so the social networking scene for me, is merely a number of platforms to use to interact and promote. Thank you Peter, for the support and kind words that brought my attention to my online shortcomings. My website has already been overhauled.

I apologise for my unerring ability to ignore some of the ‘conventions’ found in blogs and websites. For example, I do make an effort to adhere to ‘painted’ or bold and painted text being a live link, but on occasion, I use colours simply to make the entry look brighter. I’m apologising to the purists; anyone with a sense of humour will see my point. With effect from today, in posts at least, I will make more of an effort not to simply use colour because I find it aesthetically pleasing.

When I started blogging in December 2010, it was an experiment to see, a) if I would be able to keep up with it, and, b) if it would attract any regular interest. It was in 2013, with a staggering 18 followers (hard to believe eh, LOL), I decided to refresh the whole idea. I gave my blog a new name, found a fresh theme, overhauled the pages, and generally came at it with the approach to generate interest, and make it work.

In March 2014, my disciples numbered 27. At the break into 2015 my followers were up to a staggering 123  🙂
In mid-November 2015, and my next amendment. I changed the theme again – this time to the iTheme2 setup. My followers were 169 at that time, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to make any difference.

My follower figure went up to 200, which was a total I trusted, and then I joined StumbleUpon … and within a week, my followers numbered 780. I’m pleased to say since the initial burst, created by goodness knows what, the figures have grown steadily and I can once again trust the occasional addition.

I believe my blog is now working. In wake of the restructuring, I found myself starting out again, with no followers. The few that had hung on faithfully lost contact, but thankfully a couple have reappeared, along with the ‘ghost’ followers.

Why was my first attempt failing, and why do I believe this new version is showing some promise?

Okay, first things first. In my early days with this idea, I didn’t fully get with the whole interaction thing; other Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., so I suppose I took the basics I’d grasped and used them when I set about building my website: www.tom-benson.co.uk . It was the lessons I learned from the construction of my website, that made me take a fresh approach to my writing blog.

My most important site is now my author website: www.tombensonauthor.com

I make an effort to check my pages and content regularly to ensure everything is pertinent, and interesting. For example; the reason this particular page has been constructed. I will come back to it frequently, and redefine certain points, but for now, I believe it helps the visitor to further understand where I’ve come from, and where I’m coming from – if you get my drift.

I feel that one of the reasons I can now enjoy my blog more, is because I set aside ‘blog time’, for visiting my followers’ blogs. I’ve always understood the need for mutual support in the whole process, but I concentrate on my blogging responsibilities more now. Most of my time is spent in creative writing, but I know I owe it to myself and others to get this aspect right.

If you should pay a visit to my blog and find something interesting, impressive, irritating, inspirational, or any other word beginning with i, please feel free to leave me a comment, criticism, congratulations, (you get the idea …)



8 comments on “About this blog

  1. Thanks Tom if you wish to twitter then I am Moufflon 250 the name of my boat, a smile crossed my face when you mentioned Treasure Island..I too have just re read it..what awordsmith…kind Regards Peter Tarrant…

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  2. Hey Tom – I find blogging both interesting, but also very time consuming (it takes me away from my fiction writing, which I find the most important to me.) I also understand the relevance of social networking in being seen and known, but, apart from being rubbish at it (I’m never sure how to go about it with people I don’t know), I also find it even more time consuming than blogging. Setting aside some time is probably a good idea, because it means you are only using a set amount of precious minutes, instead of checking into various accounts at any time of the day (which can get addictive). I’m going to try that out. Looking at networking//blogging as a job, as it were.

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    • Hi Sal. Thank you for dropping by. I’m not that hot on the social networking scene and it is time-consuming. You do right to stick with your fiction writing, and for now at least, concentrate on your course work and projects. As you can already see, no matter how disciplined you may be in your regular life, a blog, website, or other Internet distraction can use up many hours.
      It is important for us to have a networking capability, but we owe it to ourselves to have some parameters established to protect our writing time. Creative writing is our true ‘investment’. I’ll be watching you …


  3. I’m a relatively new blogger and social interact-er (WordPress and Facebook – private and author page – since the beginning of January this year); I have little idea of what I’m doing either; I just write and then press buttons to see what happens next! I just feel as though I am now getting into the rhythm of balancing out my writing and on line ‘presence’ – it’s been a terrifying and bewildering couple of months. I’ve also published my first novel with Kindle direct during the same time period (the reason for that being the subject of my very first blog post back in January). I am relieved to say that I am now back into my writing (just beginning my next novel), though I have to say that writing relatively regularly for my blog (I aim for every 7-10 days), as well as coming up (or trying to come up) with engaging Facebook posts, is a discipline I want to keep up as it helps me hone my craft. I shall press ‘follow’ once I have pressed ‘post comment’ and see where these particular pressings lead!

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    • Hi Julia. Thank you for dropping by and for such a comprehensive comment, which is so much better (as you’ll find out), than the classic; ‘nice blog’, which does my head in! If you have a good look around, you’ll see that I’ve had a hit and miss affair with blogging, but I think with this, my second generation/attempt, it’s going a bit better.
      My first word of advice would be, not to stretch yourself with the blog side of your writing. Having lots of ‘followers’ is great for the ego, but the key to the whole scene as far as I can see, is the mutual participation. I’m presently still in the experimental stage with this generation of my blog, and my aim is to hold and ‘follow’ those that I feel are doing the job right. Now with all that said, I’ve already been over to your blog and ‘liked’ your pages, but to see my comments, you’ll have to go back there.
      When in doubt, give it a go, and if you feel lost, all you have to do is drop one of us a line.


  4. Thanks, Tom. I’m beginning to find me feet and will certainly be focusing on spending more time on my writing after a couple of months away from specific projects (though a break isn’t always a bad thing). I think having begun to learn about this blogging world, I am now picking up advice from others, such as yourself, and am always eager to listen to, and weigh up, the wisdom of others. Off to recommend my ‘text books’ now …


  5. Hi Tom! Glad you stopped by my blog today so I could find my way to yours. I look forward to perusing! I never thought I’d touch social media, but it’s got its perks. Meeting new and interesting people is something I would have missed if I’d dug my heels in too deep! It takes take effort to check in on other blogs–but they in turn show interest in mine, and I consider it a worthwhile break from my regular writing. I also get a whole lot of writing material from the interesting people who blog!

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