My A-to-Z posts (2014)

I’ll locate all of the links on this page, but if it proves ungainly for the user, you can choose to select them from the main drop-down menu and see them as separate pages.

If selected from this page as a primary source the comments of the other bloggers will be available too.

Please leave a comment to let me know if it works, or if there any issues. Many thanks.

A … is for abbreviation                  B … is for biography

C … is for Capitals                          D … is for dialogue

E … is for edit                                   F … is for feedback

G … is for gratification                 H … is for hook 

I … is for imagery                      J … is for jacket            

 K … is for killing                           L … is for layout

M … is for mutual (support)       N … is for notes 

 O … is for observation       P … is for punctuation        

Q … is for question                        R … is for resources

S … is for synopsis                         T … is for taboos

U … is for use                                  V … is for value 

W … is for write                            X … is for

Y … is for You                                Z … is for Zoom

A to Z Challenge 2014 – Reflections

Now that you’ve managed to get this far, I’ll reiterate, that these posts, opinions, techniques are a taste of writing through my eyes. The associated comments from other bloggers, writers and readers lend themselves to teaching us all a little more.

4 thoughts on “My A-to-Z posts (2014)

  1. I like finding the list of A to Z in a drop down menu. It is so much easier to see the whole month of posts this way, and I can look back and see the ones I missed. I think I’ll do this, too. Just have to figure out how to do it.


    1. Hi Janice. The easiest way is to use more than one ‘tab’,up top on your screen. Open up your blog, set up the ‘View’ to ‘Private’ until you’ve completed the job, and then leave that post open.
      Go up to the tabs and open your blog again, and use that second screen to go back and forward to copy and paste your links.
      When content that it has all worked, go to view and change the view to ‘Public’.
      Hope you understood that and it helps.


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