U … is for use, and update

U[1] is for use, and update. As we head into the final few letters I decided that I’d use more than one word in this post.

What should a writer use?

A writer should use every resource available.

1. Life experiences and opportunities

2. Imagination and overheard conversation

3. Reference books and Internet sites

4. A notebook and / or a journal

5. Information from fellow bloggers

What should a writer update?

1. The bio on blog, website, author’s pages, social networks and inside eBooks (if published)

2. Reference books with time-sensitive material, for example: atlas, Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

3. Resources like: computer software, blogs being followed – active?

4. List of writing tasks still outstanding, including ‘dormant’ stories

5. Information inside published eBooks

As with all my short lists on these A to Z posts, there will be much more to be used or updated, but these are simple memory-joggers. We cannot afford to sit back and relax too often. It’s good to write every day, but it’s better to have your days organised so that you can fit in reading, blogging, social networking and having a life.

The key issue I’d like to highlight in this post is, that we owe it to ourselves as writers not to sit back idle for too long. Some folk have a ‘day job’, while others are ‘retired’ at some level. Personally I work three days a week, so most of my other time is used for writing.

I feel privileged to be in that position, so I embrace it by producing as much writing as I can. I started late in life, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

My two eBook thrillers are selling, and I’m close to completing my first collection of short stories. I have five poetry eBooks on Amazon too. I have the final draft to complete on my next thriller, which I aim to publish in June. I have another novel waiting in the wings for the next draft. My feeling is that I must use my time to write, instead of simply thinking about it.

When I publish the short story collection in a few days, I’ll then have to update all the information in my other eBooks. Why? Inside I have the list of ‘also by this author’, which must be brought up to date for the new readers. As any industrious writer knows; it is constant activity.

Is there anything else we should consider using or updating?

Once again, thank you for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow with ‘V’.


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