A Life of Choice: Part One

Innocence and Inebriation


Jim Faulkner feels there must be more to life than a dead-end job and no social life.

How far might the teenager go if he joins the British Army?
Jim completes training and joins his first working unit in the UK. The entire outfit moves to West Germany. Jim’s adventures see him discovering a social lifestyle he’d never envisaged. The teenager learns about his job, alcohol abuse, sex, relationships, and much more.
How will Jim cope when under pressure? 


15 thoughts on “A Life of Choice: Part One

  1. My next novel is a thriller in Amsterdam – and I’ve promised myself I’ll get back to ‘A Life of Choice’ after that. So much of it is based on fact that it’s a little scary, even for one as brave as me … LOL

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    1. I hope it lives up to your expectations mate. I’ve got the entire story waiting to be amended here and there, so the results of this little survey will play a massive part in my direction. Thanks again for your support. 🙂


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