Sample stories

The short story format requires a different discipline to the novel or the poem. Like any tale, a short story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Therein lies the issue for many writers–where to stop with one phase and move to the next.

Another aspect of short story writing is that within the construction there is an unwritten law that it should have five or fewer characters and be written to cover a short span of time. I’ve read work by a handful of authors who are skilled at producing work which breaks both of those rules, but their stories are superb. One such author is Lesley Hayes, a fellow member of the IASD.

Anthologies can be compiled using a variety of methods. My work in this area is published as one of two types. In a genre-based collection, there might be many themes, but all will be stories based on the military, horror, romance, erotica or whatever genre. If I produce a theme-based collection it might be stories of love, retribution, regret or somesuch, but the stories will cover a variety of genre.

In the samples I’m offering here I believe I’m highlighting the theme and genre-specific idea mentioned above. The following stories are complete, and not simply excerpts.

A Killer in the Mist

Blood Brothers


Space Debris

Each of the samples available has a link to the individual book but the shortcut to all of them is the appropriate page of my author website at Tom Benson – Author.


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