Around the Bend: and other stories


I intend this to be another collection of twelve short stories of various genres—but no erotica. The title story is factual and was written within a week of the incident, mainly so that all the details were fresh in my mind.

The other eleven tales will be original and new. Some will evolve from throwaway passages I’ve kept on file, while others will have been prompted by one of my poems, and others born within the past few months.




1.   Around the Bend

2.   No Pain, No Gain

3.   The Age Gap

4.   Promises

5.   Not so Sweet

6    Knowing Your Place

7.   He is Always Listening

8.   The Other Woman

9.   Shadows

10. Raising your Spirits

11. Recycling

12. Together Forever

I may at a later stage provide a strapline for each story, and I will most likely add bonus stories.

The cover shown is a working cover, as are the titles of the stories so far.