H is for … handing over


H is for … handing over ….

I’m handing over the reins to the rest of the participants in the April A to Z Challenge 2016.


When I completed my first attempt in 2014, it was hard work, because I had nothing prepared in advance. My topic was ‘writing’ and the whole idea of the month-long challenge drove me on. I completed the alphabet and, met some great people.

I didn’t attempt the challenge in 2015, mainly because I had too many projects underway.

This year once again I had work in progress, so I prepared all my posts in advance, having already chosen to write about natural history – another topic close to my heart.


Why stop now?

As I’ve said before, I have a blog, but I’m not a blogger – I’m a writer who blogs. This site is a platform to me and, not as it is to some people; a website based journal.

I don’t give up on things, but my heart is not in this challenge. I’ve had a handful of people stopping by to ‘like’, or even comment, but if I continued I’d be doing so for the wrong reasons. I’d feel uneasy and, insincere.

I’ve been following eight other participants, and instead of enjoying the experience, my assessment is – I’m losing writing time each day. It would make no difference how many people I followed, because it feels like a task – which it should not.

If I visit a blog, I leave a meaningful comment. I cannot honestly go from one to another and write ‘Good post’ and move on. It would be the equivalent of leaving ‘Good story’ as a book review on a novel.


This will be my final post in this challenge and, I’ll get back to my writing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you if you’ve been one of the few who’ve paid any visits to my blog over the early part of the challenge.

I don’t harbour any negative feeling regarding the challenge, but, I believe this second attempt has proven to me it’s not for me. I did it once, enjoyed it and, I’ll leave it there.


I apologise to you Damyanti for dropping out, but I did start out with the best of intentions.

As always, I will respond to any comments and, for now, I’ll leave you all to get on with your next posts.


B is for … Basilisk


B is for Basilisk, Barracuda and Buzzard. We’ll look at Basilisk.

There are many lizards but the Green, Plumed, or Double-Crested Basilisk is one of the best-known. The creature has a bright green skin and, distinctive yellow eyes. From head to tip of tail it carries an almost continuous fin, or crest.

There are stretchable areas of skin between its toes similar to, but not as pronounced as those on an amphibian like a frog, toad or newt. The Basilisk can swim underwater for up to 30 minutes.



Species: The Basilisk is a member of the Iguana family of lizards.

Size: The average length from nose to tail is 25cm, however they are known to reach 90cm.

Habitat: The sub-species can be found in tropical rain forest and, rocky formations, usually where there is a water source.

Location: Generally found across Central America: Western Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Diet: Basilisk species are omnivores and will eat insects, small rodents, smaller lizards and, vegetation including flowers.

Predators: Snakes and birds.

Info / Strange Fact: The Basilisk is famed for its ability to ‘run’ on water in an upright stance on its hind legs and tail. Hence the creature is known in some quarters as the ‘Jesus Lizard’.