Time after Time: and other stories


If you were asked to write a story related to ‘time’, what would come to mind?

Here are an introduction and collection of 19 stories which fit the criteria.



Time: A Brief Lexical History by Millie Slavidou

  1. Switch Back by Sylva Fae
  2. Murky Windows by Sylva Fae
  3. The Kavanaughs of Middleton by C.I. Lopez
  4. The Last Time I Saw Diana by C.I. Lopez
  5. Life on the Run by C.I. Lopez
  6. Stardust by Rebecca Bryn
  7. I Blame it on Spud by Graham Watkins
  8. A Quiet Time in Carmarthen by Graham Watkins
  9. The New Beginning by Theresa Jacobs
  10. Making Time by P.A. Rudders
  11. The Methuselah Clock by P.A. Rudders
  12. Time Change by Cherime MacFarlane
  13. Time Flies by Lucinda E. Clarke
  14. Time after Time by Tom Benson
  15. Travel Agent by Tom Benson
  16. Hearts and Minds by Tom Benson
  17. Personal Best by Tom Benson
  18. The Age Gap by Tom Benson
  19. No Going Back by Tom Benson

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