Love Thy Neighbour

My life’s not been the same
since you’ve lived in our street
Out of the blue you came
you looked so very sweet


With skin like porcelain
and eyes of darkest brown
Blonde hair streaked, not just plain
looks nice when it’s worn down


A stocking top I see
as you get into your car
Do you flash for me?
Is it just the way you are?


In the summer when it’s hot
you laze out in the sun
Displaying all you’ve got
is your idea of fun


When going out at night
your body is on show
You’re a really stunning sight
but that, I’m sure you know


I dream of you in sleep
we let the action start
No chastity to keep
our bodies play their part


You’re always in my head
on thoughts I do not labour
I say, ‘Hello’ instead
my lovely next door neighbour



 This is a selection from Love and Romance: An Anthology of Poetry – Volume 2.

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