A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition – Part One


(Please note, A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition is a three-paperback version of the Jim Faulkner story—for those who for whatever reason, do not use digital reading devices).

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It’s 1969, and Jim Faulkner, a shy 17-year-old, feels there must be more to life than his office job. He surprises everybody when he signs up to leave Glasgow behind to join the British Army.

The teenager survives training to be posted to southern England. After a few months, the regiment moves to Dortmund in Germany and the younger men find themselves facing temptation. Jim succumbs and immerses himself in a hedonistic lifestyle. The once-shy teen becomes the epitome of a single soldier.

An Op Banner tour in 1973, finds Jim on the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the role of an infantry soldier. On his return to Germany, he quickly returns to a hyperactive social life.

Jim’s maxim is work hard – play hard, but how long can he maintain such a life?

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