LIGHT at The End – Book 1

Bill Kane’s long military career was over, and a job as a bodyguard had recently ended, so he relaxed by joining a three-day sightseeing tour into the Scottish Highlands. At last, the ex-Serviceman would be able to leave stress and decision-making to somebody else, or would he?

While the squabbling of world leaders intensified on international media, Bill, like others, shrugged it off as sabre-rattling, but the sabres in question were nuclear missiles. An unthinkable situation developed rapidly. A missile was launched, and retaliation became an international chain reaction.

On a mountain road in Scotland, Paul Harrington a young coach driver listened to the news in disbelief. When his passengers returned down the hill from the latest viewpoint it would be Paul’s responsibility to get them to safety, but to where? No town was within easy reach, but he remembered a disused railway tunnel not far away. Could he get them there in time, and how would they survive?




2 thoughts on “LIGHT at The End – Book 1

  1. Sixty-six k is a good length for a novel – enough for the reader to get their teeth into without being an overly long epic that might deter some readers; having read some of the early draft chapters, a story that definitely appeals to me.


    1. Hello again, mate. Yes, the word count was never a target but when I realised it had topped 55k I was happy with my efforts.
      I’ve no doubt some things will be removed and a few other ideas brought in or embellished, but the capacity ought to be about the same.
      If you wanted to have an early ‘eyes on’ let me know. I realise you have a collection to be produced which is why I didn’t mention it before.
      My friend Carmen has sent me great feedback and Lesley has it for a read-through, so the next draft will be on hard copy with the dreaded red pen. 🙂


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