Vol. 4 – Military Matters

Once again I’ve designed the cover, which I wanted to keep simple for this volume.   

A collection of 80 poems about military life. Some are based on personal experience and insight whilst others are fiction. Theatres include;Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf.

There are three series included; ‘Hijack’ – a rescue mission in 5 parts, ‘Operation Autumn Shades’ – an allied demonstration of power in 4 parts, and ‘Steady Eddie’ – a 25 part tale of a young man’s short career.

I feel that this work will touch the hearts of ex-service personnel, serving personnel and even those who have never donned a military uniform. My intention is to entertain, but in this book, also to enlighten.

In my look forward at the end of the volume I’ve included three poems from the next volume: Thrills and Chills.  It will contain topics not covered by any of the volumes so far published.

2 thoughts on “Vol. 4 – Military Matters

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