Work in Progress

Any anthologies, novellas or novels which are in progress will be listed by sub-heading under the Work in Progress heading of the main menu. Within the sub-headings, I will provide the first chapter of any new novels when ready to provide a flavour of the story. In the case of an anthology, I’ll provide one of the stories. In both cases, these will only be available when they’re suitable to read.

CrusaderChapter  1

– a crime thriller


– a crime thriller, and sequel to Crusader

Selena: Sea Nymph

My first attempt at Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy.

I’m dipping my toe in with mermaids.


– a standalone crime thriller.

Another Taste of Honey

– a crime thriller, and sequel to the popular original story,

A Taste of Honey.

Harriet: and other stories

– an anthology of twelve varied short stories.

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