Sue near, yet Sue far

I’d only been away one night
I saw this girl, a stunning sight
‘Hello,’ she said, ‘my name is Sue’
‘My name is Tom, how do you do?’


We had some drinks and a chat
I really sought no more than that
As time was ticking slowly by
I caught a twinkling in her eye


She wore a subtle, sweet perfume
her very presence lit the room
I liked her hair, so dark and long
for me, attraction was quite strong


I used my best ‘chat up’ line
we were getting on just fine
‘All systems go.’ was in my head
there she was in my bed


We made love, such sweet splendour
to my whims, she did surrender
I held her body close and tight
together we just felt so right


We kissed each other head to toe
and let our inhibitions go
‘Tom!’ her voice sounded shrill
to leave my fantasy took will


‘This is my husband Matt !’ she said
I rubbed my eyes and shook my head
‘A lovely girl you’ve got here mate
but that you do appreciate
She’s been delightful company
until this brandy got to me’


‘Don’t worry,’ Sue then joked with me
but under the table touched my knee
‘If Matt here hadn’t braved the weather
we could have spent the night together … .’




 This is a selection from Humour: An Anthology of Poetry – Volume 1

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