Crystabel and Elf (Part 1 of 10)


Crystabel wiped pollen

from her mouth and nose

Something had just fallen

onto a nearby rose


A short flight to the flower

then landed on a petal

She didn’t hide or cower

a fairy of some mettle


Her tiny palms she held

below sweet ruby lips

A magic word she spelled

then blew her fingertips


A shimmering of gold

landed on the being

‘Please come alive—unfold’

Some goodness she was freeing


As dust and pollen moved

arms, wings, legs appeared

The shapelessness improved

as particles all cleared


‘Och Hadeez yer nae man 

come oot here noo—an fight

Ye’d never beat oor clan

even wi yer might


Ma name is Elf MacFee

an ah’m prepared to die

Wings broken noo—may-be

but take ye on, ah’ll try’


Crystabel sat smiling

radiating beauty

Her sweet face was beguiling

to look good was her duty


‘Hello my handsome friend’

she called to Elf MacFee

‘Your journey’s reached it’s end

in England now you’ll be’


Elf MacFee looked ’round

fists resting on his hips

Saw Crystabel and found

no words would leave his lips


‘Speechless are you now 

my windblown Scottish friend?

At least I have know-how

your gossamer to mend’


Elf then tried his wings

they wouldn’t move at all

He said, ‘Ye ken those things

on magic can ye call?’


‘For you I will my friend

your damage tempo-rary

I’ll use a special blend

to help you fly Scots fairy’



 This is a selection from Rhyme & Reason: 200 poems

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