Sample Serial Poetry


Poetry of any type is usually descriptive and may be about any topic and written in a variety of forms. In my poetry series, I have aimed with each genre to write in rhyming verse, first because for me it is more enjoyable to read, but also because I’m a slave to my craft, and there is significantly more effort involved than writing what is termed ‘free verse’.

There are authors out there who create wonderful poetic stories written in free verse, but it is like all things, a matter of choice.

Further to writing in rhyme I experimented with and enjoyed taking some poems beyond the single verse. In some instances, I felt that a few stanzas did not do the story justice and I produced many serial poems.



My samples for your pleasure are the ‘firsts’ in three separate series:

Crystabel and Elf (Part 1 of 10)

The Hostages (Part 1 of 2)

Marooned (Part of 1 of 17)

If you like what you’ve found here and would like to see all my work in one place please follow the link to my author website at Tom Benson – Author.


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