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Tom left school in 1967, and in 1969 (age 17) he joined the British Army and served 23 years, completing his service in 1992. A career in Retail was next, which lasted for 25 years.

Since 2007 Tom has had several ‘Letter of the Week’ pieces published, six times winning prizes in magazines.  He has won two short story competitions, had six short stories published in anthologies and another published on a ‘talking book’ CD. The audio CD anthology was specifically produced for the visually impaired.

In 2011 Tom attempted the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. He wrote a novel of 56,000 words in 29 days. It was titled ‘Hawk’ and was loosely based on a series of 35 poems of the same name.

This all became the basis for the popular Beyond The Law trilogy.

Tom published his first novels in 20122013, and2014.

Since taking up creative writing, this author has set himself a working practice of having at least two projects in production simultaneously. In Tom’s opinion, it’s healthy to leave work aside for several weeks between drafts. Since 2014 he has continued to produce novels and anthologies of short stories.

Typically, one month will be spent on a novel and the next month on short stories.

As any creative writer would recognise, their quality of work improves over time, due in part to experience, and in no small way to input via reviews, reading widely, suggestions, and studying the writing craft.

Tom takes great satisfaction in helping fellow authors either in the early stage of their careers or with an issue which needs an outside opinion. He is one of three authors who were responsible for the restructuring of the Indie Author Support & Discussion (IASD)group’s website.               


26 thoughts on “About Tom

    1. Tom

      Thank you Bruce. You will already know that I have a fair base of poetry on the Starlite link. I want to add my short stories. Top of my agenda is to write a regular piece, which is what it’s all about. Keeping it to a writing theme will be my objective.
      Thanks again mate, take care,

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  2. L.A.Ney

    Thanks for your comments on ‘The Hard Way’ Tom. All noted and appreciated. I am learning as I go ‘adapt and advance’ No longer serving… Ireland was fun wasn’t it. The next part is about basic training, that’ll def’ bring back some memories. Third part’s still in my head. Cheers.


  3. Sue Speight

    Hi Tom, I work with Rob in the Scarborough store…we got your business card last Xmas, I took a peek at your site and was impressed. I told Rob about it -he calls you Tommy Bonson, remember that? ! Are you on Facebook? If so, I am Subo Speight. But where have you hidden your artwork, I can’t find it on here now? Best wishes, Sue


    1. Hi Sue. As you’ll have seen already I’ve revamped my blog recently and only a few weeks ago I gave my website a new look. To check out my artwork you can go direct to http://www.tom-benson.co.uk/ or click on my photo on the homepage of my blog. Thank you for checking me out and for the compliment. I’ve recently also updated my business card – I’ll send a couple your way. I’ll also get onto Facebook and locate you. I have two Facebook pages now – the second is Tom Benson – Writer.
      Yes, I remember well our Rob and the ‘Tommy’ thing. If I remember correctly it goes back to us discussing what we were called back home. Prior to leaving Glasgow I would have been called Tommy. While he’s laughing at my expense you might like to ask him about the Buzz Lightyear wallet …
      Best regards, Tom


  4. Sue Speight

    Ooohh, the Buzz Lightyear wallet?! The mind boggles?! I shall ask him about that on Monday when I next see him. Thanks for the FB add ♥


  5. echoesofthepen

    Just wanted to say thanks for all comments and advice on some of my posts, all of which I’ve responded to. And thanks also for not being put out by my addition to the Amazon review; it did occur to me you that you might think I was being a bit of a twat for picking up on something so trivial, but that was the reviewer in me speaking, and not the thoroughly entertained reader.
    Cheers, Paul…
    ps, I’ll be adding a short review on ‘Military Matters’ in the next day or two…


  6. bethaniehardie

    My dad was in the army (he left when he met my mum, who was in the Royal Signals), and he too was born in Scotland (Duns). I’m glad that I found your blog & I look forward to reading your poetry!


  7. I see little legs has already commented here, just saying your book was damned good. Now ploughing through Military Matters. Am no writer or blogger but will try and write something on it when i’m done.


    1. Many thanks for dropping by, and comments/reviews are always welcome. Now, it may have been a long time ago for me, but your Regimental flag hauls back many happy memories. You’ll know already that my service life came to an end in ’92, and that I was Royal Signals.
      What you might not expect is that my first working unit was 260 Signal Squadron (SAM), attached to 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.
      The (SAM) in our unit name was because 36 Regt RA, were the boys with the real Thundebirds – the Surface to Air Missiles (SAM).


  8. echoesofthepen

    Ahh… Boxsey’ll bending your ear till the cows come home with that. We both joined not long before the 36th were disbanded, some of their lads had already attached (43 Battery) to the 39th by the time we got in, you weren’t by any chance ever stationed in Dortmund (Napier barracks) ?


    1. Yes my friend, by chance, I was stationed in Napier Barracks, at the bottom end of Osterstrasse in Do – Brakel. That is Brakel, being the district of Dortmund. I travelled across with the entire regiment from Horseshoe Barracks in Shoeburyness, circa July 1971. In the Spring of 1974 I was posted (under a cloud), to Londonderry, Northern Ireland.


  9. Julia Lund

    HI Tom. Been looking for your story, ‘my Dad’. I can’st seem to find it! Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks. Julia


  10. Hi Tom

    Really good to see the AtoZ challenge is going so well for you; it’s not something I thought would interest me till I saw it in action, so I might well participate next year.

    For some reason the twitter function on your last post (D) wasn’t allowing me to tweet the post just in case you were thinking I didn’t like this one as much as the others (I’ll try again sometime later, might just be a glitch with twitter, WP, or my twitter).

    I hadn’t realised your books were on Goodreads as well till the other night, so have added my reviews there as well. I might be a bit slow on the old retweets and comments this week as I’m off to Glen Coe for five days for some walking and climbing (certainly won’t be bothering with or checking tweets during the days, or even the evenings if I’m huddled in a bivvi somewhere).

    Have another great week with the challenge, I’ll try to keep up with it best I can but might not be til the evenings for the coming week…

    All the best, Paul….


    1. Enjoy your time in God’s country. The Highlands are my favourite place. It’s a long time since I slept in a bivvy, but just the thought will make me appreciate my study. LOL. See you in print on your return mate. Don’t worry about the Tweet/Retweet thing. You’re already doing a great job.


  11. Thanks, I had a great time up there. I’ll be sure to read your review of ‘Tipping the Velvet’, and take a look at it. Regarding your anthology, I’ve already read and enjoyed several of your short stories so it goes without saying it’ll be jumping to the top of my ‘to be read and reviewed’ list.



    1. Hello my friend and thank you for the nomination. I haven’t heard of that one before so I’ll have to check it out. I hope you enjoy ‘Amsterdam Calling’ as much as you obviously enjoyed your visit to the actual city. I’d really appreciate a review if you like the story and find the time.


  12. What a wonderful list of accomplishments. You have been busy! Writing is a daunting task even when it is something you love. Congratulations and keep loving what you do!


  13. W. K. Tucker

    Tom, I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can find the details on my latest post. Keep inspiring us, friend!!


    1. Hello again my friend. I was so pleased to see your response to my ‘About’ page that I have now updated it. I’ll be back over your way again later today on my blog patrol. I hope all is going well for you. 🙂


  14. Hi Tom,
    This is the person you’ve known as WK Tucker (Kathy). I’ve moved to a new home, and hope you’ll drop by and visit when you can. My final post on wktucker,com–which will be made private very soon–explains why.


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