Useful books to have at hand

Page under construction – from 2nd April 2014

This list is initiated by the books I feel provide useful information and inspiration for writers of all levels.

What are my favourite reference books?

Road Atlas (UK),

World Atlas,

English Dictionary and Thesaurus,

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook,

Shopping Catalogue

The Writer’s abc Checklist,

Zodiac Types,

Baby Names,

Love Writing,

Body Language,

Yellow Pages or equivalent phonebook.

When a book is added here, wherever the book is suggested by another source, I will annotate the title with the supplier’s name, website, blog, or remarks where available.

My intention is that after the completion of the April 2014 A to Z Challenge, I will write a blog post for each book in this list. I will provide my reasons why I feel the particular book is better to have handy, rather than depend on a website.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know your opinion, or suggest a book to add to the list. If you want to see how big we can make this thing – add a link to your own blog. If your idea is unique, or fits in with the theme, I’ll also add it to my list on my website.

Thank you for reading and taking part!

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