Codename: Foxglove

Dominique McEwan studied criminology but thanks to a miscreant brother, the young woman lost a chance to join the police.

Fate offered an optional lifestyle.

In March 2005, Dominique met Rachel Donoghue aka Deadly Nightshade, the vigilante. The two women found common ground in their attitude to organised crime. Within one month, Dominique killed a man, and within six months the new operative was Foxglove, beautiful but deadly.

What could be better for Scotland than one deadly female vigilante … perhaps two?


This is the second spin-off from my Beyond The Law trilogy.


Paperback edition not yet available

2 thoughts on “Codename: Foxglove

    1. Thank you, Paul. I’m not in a hurry but after a slight pause, a lot of it started coming together quickly.
      I may have it ready before next year, but we’ll see … I have feedback coming in from two early readers regarding the general plot.
      Knowing your reading preferences and the sort of characters and situations you like, I think this tale will appeal to you. 🙂


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