Light at The End – The Trilogy

This is not a story about zombies and how the undead and infected have been left to terrorise and annihilate those healthy survivors who now live in fear.

This is a tale of fear, hope, determination, resilience and possibility.

In the Light at The End trilogy, I have related what I believe is a tale based closer to reality than fantasy. For example, the ‘hollow mountain’ exists, and I’ve been inside.

Although there is some cross-referencing, as there ought to be in a series or mini-series, these stories are not standalone–they are intended to be read in sequence. Now, if you haven’t already indulged, I hope I’ve piqued your interest.

Light at The End (Book 1), Light to Dark (Book 2) and Dark to Light (Book 3) are all available.

As with all of my titles, the first chapter is available here on my blog.

All of my titles are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.



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