My creative writing career started with poetry.

From starting to write poetry back in December 2007, I wrote in excess of 700 poems in less than five years.

My verse consists of individual pieces and many series. On websites, my poetry is under the pen-name Tomfoollery but my eBooks are published in my own name.

In an effort to prove that poetry is not simply about flowers, butterflies and bunny rabbits my work in verse covers such topics as Humour, Natural History, Romance, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Military (true and imagined), and the Supernatural.                                                                                                                                  

I wrote the original drafts of many of my poems on train journeys as a commuter, and occasionally I’d pen verse when on a break.

Where the rough verses were mercilessly edited.

In 2010 I gradually moved on from poetry to short stories and adapted some poems to my next choice of writing discipline. Logically I then moved on to novels, but I continued with my poetry and it provided inspiration.

I have moved my novel and poetry volumes to Amazon / Kindle.

All of my writing is available to view here:

Tom Benson – Author