One Man, Two Missions: and other stories

A collection of twelve short stories which feature adventure, suspense, intrigue terrorism, karma, summary justice, and twist in the tale.

The new collection is supported by three bonus tales from my other collections.

As I’ve done with previous anthologies I have compiled this book using a variety of genre.  


1. One Man, Two Missions – a tale of terrorism, and counter-terrorism

2. Hunter – a young gamekeeper is repaid for his devotion

3. A Fair Cop – the law works in mysterious ways

4. Target Practise – assassins should avoid role reversal

5. The Meeting – karma, it just comes around

6. Taken for a Ride – do your homework before kidnapping

7. Dealing with Conflict – a run leads to a run-in

8. Changing Tides –  when all around is darkness …

9. The Hostage – impulsive decisions can be fatal

10. Finger of Suspicion – the small things matter

11. The Beginning of the End – how far would you go for science?

12. Escape – you must know when to get out

Bonus stories

13. Pawnee Express – youthful exuberance and courage

appears in Smoke & Mirrors: and other stories

14. Poisoned Ivy – do unto others … but harder

appears in Temptation: and other stories

15. Photographic Memory – communication without barriers

appears in Smoke & Mirrors: and other stories


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