Marooned (Part 1 of 17)

Jack Gillie was a sailor

back three hundred years ago

On the ship he was the tailor

clothes and canvas sails he’d sew


The Captain was a fair chap

and the ship was tightly run

He’d construct the trips with trade map

though his job was sometimes fun


Out in the far off ocean

a mutiny took place

Some crew men had a notion

that a pirate’s life they’d chase


Among those constant worries in 

the corridors of the mind

Jack stood there midst the din

bout his fate he would soon find


The Captain had a few

standing by him side by side 

Jack Gillie joined them too

mutineers he couldn’t bide


A fight of course begun

with cutlass and with hook

Nowhere for men to run

if they had the time to look


In the fight Jack said a prayer

to the good lord up above

‘Please God I know you’re there

I’ll do your bidding for your love’


When the sun rose o’er the sea

ten crewmen were now dead

The survivors would agree

be mutineers or leave instead


Jack stood there on his own

with pirates he’d not side

On an island all alone

left him standing at next tide


Left alone there on the sand

as the ship then sailed off slow

Jack had to understand

one day these images would go


He gazed in silence through his tears

and prayed he would survive

‘God it’s taken many years

but to earn your love I’ll strive’



 This is a selection from Rhyme & Reason: 200 poems

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