The Hostages (Part 1 of 2)

Some vehicles men had hi-jacked

out in an open zone

The ration trucks were ransacked

stripped right to the bone


One man’s Freedom Fighter 

is a Terrorist to others

Neither title’s treated lighter 

they’re a band of violent brothers


Malinda was an envoy 

who tried to keep the peace

Captured with her convoy 

meant she’d wait for her release


With plans to make more cash 

they took Malinda too

To their base they made a dash 

an armed and desperate crew


The ambush site deserted 

but for drivers now all dead

All authorities alerted 

this would go out as Code Red


O’er plains, through woods, down tracks

the stolen goods all went

Many miles off from the shacks 

they’d originally been sent


On arriving at the base 

things once hidden were revealed

Malinda saw a friendly face 

and both of them just squealed


‘Renee are you alright?’ 

Malinda asked her friend

‘No need now to take fright 

well-trained rescuers they’ll send’


‘I’ve been dazed and confused’

Renee said, ‘through the nights

So far they’ve not abused

my basic human rights’


‘We won’t be here for long’ 

Malinda said, ‘you’ll see

Taken hostage is quite wrong, 

that’s bad enough for me’


Special Forces were called in 

to ease the hostage plight

A confrontation they would win 

but they had to plan it right



 This is a selection from Rhyme & Reason: 200 poems.

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