The Welcome: and other sci-fi stories

The Welcome - 141215


In this collection you will find regular people, strange people, astronauts, aliens, the Earth, other planets, exploration and invasion.

The tales are made interesting by manipulating the situations in which the characters find themselves. Sometimes, all is not what it seems …

There is a high degree of ‘What if …?’ in the telling of these stories, which is where I believe the sci-fi aspect evolves effectively.



1.      The Welcome

2.      The Space Driver – by AA Jankiewicz

3.     Space Debris

4.      The Truth Lies In Two Sisters – by Pam Kesterson

5.      Control Freaks

6.      A Burning World – by CI Lopez

7.      Stranger than Fiction

8.      Digital Escape …. – by Paul Ruddock

9.     Genesis

10.   Harvest – by Val Tobin

11.   Anne: Illegal Alien

12.   You Are What You Read – by WK Tucker

13.  **Goals

14.  **Down to Earth

15.  **Out of this World

**These stories appear in other collections and will be duly noted in the finished product. I’m adding them as a ‘bonus’ to my usual 12-story minimum.


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Amazon – Preview/Buy

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