A Life of Choice: Part Two

Paths and Progression


Jim Faulkner has congratulated himself on completing basic training, adventure training, and radio training. He’s spent a few months in his first working unit in the UK, but the entire outfit moves abroad. Jim’s adventures see him discovering a social lifestyle he’d never envisaged.
Jim learns about his job, alcohol abuse, relationships, and more about life.

How does Jim cope when under pressure?
Will the unit serve a four-month tour in troubled Northern Ireland?
How does Jim’s first German posting affect his outlook on the Army as a career?


For the benefit of anyone interested in such detail at this stage, the operator featured on the front cover of this volume is my good mate and one-time fellow crew member Rod Hogarth. He is depicted operating the obsolete B70 SHF radio set, and in this case, it’s mounted on a tripod.

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