Selena: Sea Nymph

It is 2038 AD, and the human race has reached a new low in its mistreatment of the world it inhabits. To be more accurate, the self-acclaimed, intelligent species has plundered depths which should have been left alone—the seas and oceans.

Not content with the continued destruction of the land above sea level, humans have pushed a large number of aquatic species to near extinction. Deep-sea mining disturbs more than the seabed, and incurs the wrath of creatures which for hundreds of years were considered a myth.

Selena has been taught that to most seafarers a mermaid is considered a siren, a threat, and therefore not to be spared. While relaxing in the sun on a favourite rock, the aquatic beauty is teased by vibrations passing through the water. She dips her tail fin deeper and senses humans in distress not far away. Two people are in the water, and if she so desired, the mermaid could save one—leaving the other to perish.

Selena’s choice will have a direct effect on her own species and the future of the human race.

This will be my first attempt at Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy.

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