Shadow: and other stories

Another collection of twelve short stories of various genres—but no erotica. One of the tales is factual and written within a week of the incident, mainly so that details were fresh in my mind.

The other stories are original. Some evolving from throwaway passages kept on file, others prompted by one of my poems, while a few are the result of fresh inspiration.

1.  Shadow – spy/thriller

2.  No Pain, No Gain – karma

3. First Degree Murder – crime/suspense

4. Swan Songs – romance

5. His Final Case – crime/mystery

6. The Other Woman – spy/thriller

7. Resettlement – mystery/suspense

8. Around the Bend – fact

9. Recycling – karma

10. Pete Glistor – horror

11. Good Cop, Bad Cop? – crime/mystery

12. He is Always Listening – humour


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