A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition – Part Two


(Please note, A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition is a three-paperback version of the Jim Faulkner story—for those who for whatever reason, do not use digital reading devices).

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As he leaves Dortmund under a cloud in 1974, Jim Faulkner promises himself he’ll settle on his return to Northern Ireland. In Londonderry, a variety of interesting tasks become available to the young operator and he has opportunities to show his worth.

While in his second unit, Jim recognises the personal issues he must overcome. One of those issues is his dependence on alcohol, and another is understanding the female of the species.

A course in Catterick follows the Londonderry posting, and Jim moves on to West Berlin. He becomes co-founder of a fund-raising club and all is going well—at first.

Until he falls from grace in West Berlin, Jim only thought he had problems. Again, alcohol, his Achilles’ Heel, and the desire to live life to the full plague the young man’s good intentions.

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