A Life of Choice: Part One

Innocence and Inebriation


A teenager feels there must be more to life than a dead-end office job and no social life. During his lunch-break one day in 1969, while walking the city streets, he stops to look at the pictures in an Army Careers Information Office window.

How far might he go?

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15 thoughts on “A Life of Choice: Part One

  1. My next novel is a thriller in Amsterdam – and I’ve promised myself I’ll get back to ‘A Life of Choice’ after that. So much of it is based on fact that it’s a little scary, even for one as brave as me … LOL

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    1. I hope it lives up to your expectations mate. I’ve got the entire story waiting to be amended here and there, so the results of this little survey will play a massive part in my direction. Thanks again for your support. 🙂


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