Gut Feeling

The Sheriff was a client true
but one of only very few
A ‘good time girl’ I said I was
so I could remain my own boss


Four other girls all worked for me
they paid their dues, I let them be
We plied our trade in ‘Bar of Gold’
our bodies charms are what we sold


Some outlaws came into the bar
got drunk on liquor and went too far
Sheriff Grant arrived too late
his bad timing sealed his fate


An outlaw slapped me so I bled
Grant stepped in – they shot him dead
I grabbed Grant’s gun, their mouths to shut
they shot me three times in the gut


Within a minute I was cold
‘You’ll be fine’ a lie was told
My sight was blurring by the second
‘She’ll die soon’ another reckoned


Explosions going on around
I felt vibrations through the ground
On my back, I lay it seemed
I slept I woke I slept I dreamed


‘Hold on sir, just hang on in’
I heard myself ask ‘Did we win?’

‘Yes we did we’re out the rut
but you took one in the gut’


A helicopter landed near
my medic cried ‘He’s over here’
I felt my body being lifted

as to the ‘chopper’ I was shifted


When we took off my eyes closed
full of morphine I then dozed
My thoughts strange and misguided
another life with mine collided


How can it be I was assumin’
that I once lived life as a woman?
The medic said ‘Sir when you rant
you talk about some Sheriff Grant’



 This is a selection from Thrills and Chills: An Anthology of Poetry – Volume 5.

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