Ten Days in Panama

Pete Harris is 48 and a dedicated Investigative Journalist. He is passionate about conservation and will challenge anyone prepared to abuse the natural order. In 2009, a fear of open water doesn’t prevent him chasing a story. In the North Atlantic the Englishman is almost killed by a man with secrets. One year later Pete accepts an assignment which will once again involve embracing his only fear.


Marine Biologist, Dr. Gloria Banderas is devoted to her job in a small lab on Panama’s Pacific coast. Gloria is 43 and due to her daily swim is extremely fit. She has many admirers, but feels in control of her life and emotions. One day in 2010 she receives an email from England. A man is requesting her help with his next assignment.


They will spend ten days together, during which, their emotions will go on a rollercoaster ride. During this time, an adversary will attempt to kill both of them.



12 thoughts on “Ten Days in Panama

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