A Time for Courage: and other military stories


A collection of 12 stories created using a wide spectrum of scenarios. Military experiences can be funny, heartbreaking and, everything in between.

This anthology is a blend of my personal experience and knowledge together with specially created pieces to highlight the peaks and troughs of service life.

These tales can be enjoyed equally by those who have served and, those who have never donned a uniform.

Humour, fact, fiction, and fantasy are used to portray service in theatres as varied as Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Ancient Briton, the Persian Gulf, Africa, and elsewhere.

1.       A Time for Courage  – a young WWII pilot defies the odds, but for how long?

2.      User’s Guide: Soldier – a humorous look at what makes a soldier.

3.      Thanks Dad – a tale of early military life, loosely based on true events.

4.      *Photographic Memory – a British soldier finds himself in a predicament after a terrorist attack.

5.      Special Forces? – In war, every action will produce consequences for somebody.

6.      The Odd Couple – A tale of covert ops in Northern Ireland in the mid-1970’s.

7.      Walking Wounded – Gerry recovers consciousness and meets Cheryl, a special nurse.

8.      Brothers in Arms – One Northern Ireland man joins the British Army, but his brothers don’t.

9.      *Duty Bound – Gary, an RAF fast jet pilot is shot down behind enemy lines, and has a decision to make.

10.    Roamin’ Soldier – Bob had been a para, and was tough. An accident puts his bravery to the test.

11.    Blood Brothers – Jeff was Native American, but in Vietnam, every man in his platoon was a brother.

12.    The After Life – a tale of early post-military life, loosely based on true events.

*Denotes stories previously published in other anthologies.



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