Beyond The Law – trilogy


A tale which plots the fortunes of SAS soldier, Phil McKenzie from his final military mission into his new life as an ex-Servicemen turned vigilante. Phil returns to his native Glasgow and tackles the criminal underworld.

In the first part of the story, Phil recruits a small but specialised team and they are all taken to their limits in one respect or another. Ongoing training and operations improve the team’s skills and abilities.

Allies and enemies pepper the story as the team develop and establish themselves as operatives who tackle justice beyond the law.

In the second and third stories, there is a natural progression from the events and actions which took place in the opening tale.

The series ends as a trilogy, however, a standalone story is planned for 2019. This independent tale will follow the fortunes of one of the original team.


Beyond The Law: Formation

Beyond The Law: Retribution

Beyond The Law: Consequences