Formatting and Presentation

**Please note–this section is based on how I performed the task when using Microsoft. I now use a Mac and a formatting programme called Vellum. I’ve retained this section for the benefit of those who use MS Office or similar.

If you have a Mac, I would recommend investing in Vellum.


I will not go into detail here on the topics of formatting and presentation, but I will say that they are as important as the writing. There is no point in a good story if it looks unprofessional on the page or screen.
It is during this process that I will change some of the text to italics, bold, or amend font size.
For example, page headings, chapter headings and other titles will be larger.
I usually use a prepared list for the contents of the final manuscript prior to formatting. The list is a guide I prepared for my own use to remind me which pages go where, in the overall line-up.


Table of Contents from - Coming Around. Story titles are highlighted showing that they were hyperlinked during formatting process.
Table of Contents from – Coming Around. Story titles are highlighted showing that they were hyperlinked during formatting process.

Title Page                                                 

Copyright Page


Table of Contents

All of the chapters in sequence


A word from the author

About the author

Also by the author


I click on the pilcrow symbol and go through the entire document to ensure I have no extra periods, commas, spaces or extra blank lines.
I also check that I have a page break at the end of each of the pages as noted in the line-up mentioned above, after each individual chapter, and after each of the pages at the end.
When I’m happy all is as it should be, I make a copy of the entire manuscript.
At this stage I rename the original manuscript as a ‘master’ copy with a date.
For example:

A Taste of Honey – master 180115
Up until now it has been known as ‘main’, but when it becomes ‘master’ I know that it’s the file I’ll be downloading onto the Amazon system.


I am not so cocky that I believe I already know it all, and I am always open to ideas and suggestions in every aspect of my writing.
I would like to think that somewhere along the way my ways and means have helped you or brought up an idea that you’d never previously considered.
If there should be an area where you believe my methods could be improved, please let me know and accreditation will be given accordingly.
In terms of demonstrating patience, tenacity, dedication and my interest in fellow writers, I think it’s worth mentioning that this document was considered for several weeks, during which time notes were made. It then took me two months and several drafts to reach this final trio of asterisks.


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  1. Thank you Paul, and yes it would be a labour of love. Damyanti suggested last year that I make a book of my A to Z posts. 🙂


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