Smoke & Mirrors: and other stories


You will find here, a collection of 12 stories suitable for anybody who enjoys the challenge of good versus evil. I believe the stories will have a wide appeal because I’ve used a variety of genre and circumstances.


1.  Smoke & Mirrors – internal conflict within covert operations

2.  Simply Irresistible – public erotica on a train

3.  Mary had a little gun … – kidnapping, extortion and summary justice

4.  A Killer in the Mist – an accidental death leads to a bizarre ending

5.  The Survivor – modern shipwreck

6.  Photographic Memory – a UN soldier is stranded in a ‘hot’ environment

7.  Down to Earth – an alien is sentenced to serve his time on Earth

8.  Pawnee Express – a Wild West courier makes some strange friendships

9.  Debt of Honour – a marooned sailor seeks vengeance

10. Assassins – when do you draw the line?

11. Duty Bound? – a pilot ejects in enemy territory

12. Guardian Angels – be careful who you kidnap


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Amazon – Preview/Buy

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