A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition – Part Three


(Please note, A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition is a three-paperback version of the Jim Faulkner story—for those who for whatever reason, do not use digital reading devices).

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As 1978 gets underway, Jim Faulkner has already taken the ultimate step to save his career, and possibly his life—he has married Avril, the girl he met late on his Londonderry posting. Jim desperately wants to prove himself to his young wife, and his superiors—he can make something of his military care

When the young couple leaves West Berlin, Jim knows he must take care on each decision. Promotion goes to those who are good but are all-rounders. A series of postings will test Jim in every respect and now as a husband, he has responsibilities outside of work.

Will Jim, the ex-office junior finally prove himself as a career-soldier?

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