A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition

A Life of Choice: The Trilogy Edition—Click on the graphic to go to author website.

It may seem a strange concept to convert five books into three when producing a paperback version but as with all things I do, I had my reasons.

Why bother with a paperback version in the first place?

Since the first part of the five eBooks was published I’ve had messages asking if there would be a paper version. When I went public with the notion I would investigate the idea, the messages and questions increased.

Why not produce a direct conversion of the five eBooks?

—The eBooks were of different lengths, and the first part of the story was shorter than the others.

—It was important to me that the price would not be extortionate for any individual volume, so following a lengthy period of trial and error I located a way to ‘break’ the five original parts to create new logical endings for each. To ensure I produced the best value for money in all respects I revised the entire story to tighten dialogue and the general storytelling.

—The next major task was to ‘break’ the story again, but this time, into three, so I needed two logical endings, for Part One and Part Two of the trilogy.

Irrespective of whether a customer buys the five eBooks or The Trilogy Edition in paperback, the story is the same, word for word.


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