Beyond The Law: Retribution

Yes, it’s finally here. The sequel to Beyond The Law has been available on Amazon since 7th November. The original story was a joy to write, apart from being hard work at times, so it’s great to see it is still my best selling tale.Beyond The Law - the cover 2904


In Beyond The Law: Retribution, it was great fun bringing Phil and his team back to life to create more crime-busting scenes, and the inevitable summary justice. As there were in the first book you will find good deeds, bad deeds, crime and punishment.

Apart from Phil, and the BTL team there are a couple of new faces, but to maintain balance, there are some old and new faces on the other side of the equation. Bad guys are easy to come by, but they have to be different. The BTL team now have a name and a new operations HQ.

BTL RetributionAllies and enemies come in many forms, and in this story you will find they don’t come any more different than a motorbike gang. The aroma of whatever they’re smoking, the feel of leather jackets, and the sight of long unruly hair and beards, combined with the power and noise of motorbikes.

Are they violent?

Well, of course they’re violentthey’re outlaw bikers.

Okay, so I opened by saying it was fun bringing back the original characters, but this is my first sequel and I found it hard work. Threading in enough, but not too much of the original story was difficult, so I look forward (with trepidation) to find out if I’ve created the right feel.

Map of Scotland, plan of BTL Enterprises HQ, and map of Glasgow.
Maps of Scotland and Glasgow. Plan of BTL headquarters.


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Beyond The Law

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Beyond The Law: Retribution 

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That’s it for now. I’m off to work on my sci-fi anthology, and maybe read …

Good reads, or not …

A small selection ...
A small selection …

Like any other writer, I owe it to my readers to be a reader myself. In recent months, I’ve read some diverse titles, from the excellent fact-based, ‘Hash, by Wensley Clarkson  to the highly-publicised, though not so good, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, by John Gray.  I decided that, today I would catch up with reviews for my Goodreads page.

Apart from the two aforementioned books, I’ve also read ‘Mortal Causes’, by Ian Rankin, ‘Trace Your Roots’, by Maureen Vincent-Northam, and ‘Gangs of Britain’, by Wesley Clarkson.

‘Hash’ provided me with a wonderful insight into the drugs trade, which was very useful for my crime novel, ‘Beyond The Law’. In the same way, ‘Trace Your Roots’ was an ideal book to get my head around the topic of genealogy, for my new romance, ‘Amsterdam Calling’, which is coming along very nicely, thank you.

If you’d like to see my opinion of any of the books I’ve read over the last few months, please click on the appropriate title on my Goodreads link in the column to the right.

Apart from working on my own book, I’m presently reading, ‘Until I Find You’, by John Irving. I’m well over halfway with the story. On the subject of reading, this evening I’ll be continuing with my new discipline; reading the blogs that I follow. Until next time, readers keep reading, and writers, keep reading and writing.