Sex and Poetry

Okay, I suppose rhythm comes to mind rather than rhyme, but I do have a vaild point with my introduction.  It must be admitted that sex is closely linked to Love and Romance … and where have I seen those two words most recently?

Oh yes, on the cover of my latest eBook.  Rhyme Scenes - Volume Two

‘Rhyme Scenes, Volume Two – Love and Romance’ is the title of my second book of poetry published on

As the title might suggest, the rhyming stories found within, concentrate on some of our more pleasant human emotions.  Knowing what a bitch life can be, because I’m just about old enough, I’ve kept things in perspective.  Among the 60 poems there are some bitter-sweet moments and more than a little tittilation.

I’ll give you a sample of the titles to let you see if the collection might appeal; ‘A Taste of Submission’, ‘Being Gay … and Happy’, ‘Friends or Lovers?’, ‘Coming Together’, ‘Mutual Satisfaction’, ‘Going All The Way’ and then of course there is the two part, ‘Sex Slaves’.

If you’d like to sample the contents please feel free to follow the link:

Now, if you were being honest – which I know you all are, your appetite will be whetted, so go on along and take a look … you kow you want to … and nobody will know.

Rhyme and Reason

I may be close to my 620th poem in three years but I don’t consider myself a poet.  I would prefer to be thought of as a writer who dabbles in verse.

Whilst this year was in it’s infancy I had three short stories, a monologue and a poem entered in competitions.  I made a vague promise to myself that I would cut back to no more than two poems per week.  Storytelling I decided, was to take precedence. 

It’s not yet the end of February and I’ve already written 26 poems this year.  Before I’m judged too harshly please consider the content of my verse.  Since January alone there has been; medieval conflict (a series of 7), vengeance of a marooned sailor, assassins, New York, romance and a couple of collaborations about passion. 

The thing I do enjoy about poetry is that I can relate a story idea rapidly and the thought process used in rhyming actually forces me to work harder with the plot.  Why is that a good thing?  For the main part because it is a simple framework to expand later into a short story.  My latest theory is to try to open with action, as I would with a conventional piece of prose.