G … is for gratification

G[1]  is for gratification. You might be wondering what gratification has got to do with my chosen theme of writing. Please read on and allow me to explain.

When we first write a story, however long, it may be ultimately for others to read, but we write it primarily to give us satisfaction. As we refine that same story, through careful and ongoing editing, we are preparing it for other people to enjoy.

Why then have I encompassed my multiple sensations with gratification?

In my own writing, I’ve occasionally found a tear come to my eye – no, not because the writing was so bad! I have felt the emotion of my character; be it love, pain, joy or whatever else. Sometimes, depending on the passage (pardon the pun), I’ve been sexually aroused, because I’m at one with my character. I’ve felt anger, disappointment, frustration, happiness; all through the depth of feeling of a character.

When an occasion arises, and I don’t feel any of these emotions, I know the writing isn’t working; it isn’t good enough.

Is this always the case for me?

Yes, be it poem, short story, or novel. I must feel a connection, an empathy with my characters. If I don’t feel it through the written word, through my own creation, then how is anybody else supposed to feel it? They will not.

The reward for the reader is to feel they have been entertained, and they have the satisfaction of knowing that the author worked towards that goal.

For the writer, the reward comes when there is a positive review of the writing. Okay, some of us may now be seeing a small cash reward too, and that does feel pretty special; to be paid for your writing.

In summary, gratification is an appropriate word in my theme, because when the writing is to a good enough standard, the result is mutual satisfaction for writer and reader.

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with thoughts on ‘H