Are you a Writer, or a Blogger?

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Are you a blogger who writes, or a writer who blogs?
If I had to make a choice, I would know instantly where I stood.


What’s the difference?  

To my way of thinking, if somebody told you that you could only do one or the other, then you’d fall into one of two categories:

* The writer will take about three milliseconds to glance at the title page of their blog. They’ll have several images of the links to their favourite online friends and recollect a few wonderful articles and images as they say a fond farewell to all of it.

* The blogger will look at the title page of their blog. They will have a lot of images of the links to their favourite online friends and recollect an abundance of wonderful articles and images.
The blogger will have fleeting memories of stories, articles and posts they’ve written, then have a tea or coffee as they ponder what is most important to them – writing, or blogging?


Is it really that simple – that brutal?

Yes, dear reader, I believe that it is.

You don’t think so? Check the title of this post.

What was your immediate response?


What’s my point?

I’m dealing with a journey where the only baggage is emotional.

I’ve been on a long trip, and there have been two stages of revelation recently where this subject came clearly to mind.

The first revelation was when I elected to take part in a blog-related promotion. Having said I would take part, I then felt I had to step back from it. That was regrettable – mainly because I’d broken my word, but also because I had originally wanted to be involved.

Why did I abandon the blog promotion?

I re-evaluated the time I’d spend away from two major writing projects – and I had to be true to myself.

The second revelation was this morning as I re-worked a passage whilst updating my author website. I arrived at my destination, checked over my baggage and found the following items:

* One large case of wishing I had more time to respond to the lovely people who follow this blog.

* A small bag of regret that there are still those folk out there who will follow a blog, simply to be followed.

* A portfolio of online conversations with like-minded souls who write for many reasons, and who on occasion get in touch to apologise for not reading and commenting on my blog often enough.

* A trunk full of guilt for the number of times when I start scrolling through the list of fifty blogs that I follow, only to find myself abandoning the cause to get back to that chapter I wanted to rewrite.

* A satchel full of notes, ideas and headings for blogs that I might never write, because I’m too busy completing a story.

On my trolley of baggage there are many more containers, but the detail of their contents would only become boring, so you’ll have to trust me on that score. It’s a heavy load.


Are those who blog not also writers?

Yes, but they are writers who have chosen a different path. They are writers by the very fact that they maintain a blog.
They are not primarily storytellers. For the blogger, those activities are a secondary activity.
The blogger looks at their blog as social media.
The writer looks at their blog as a marketing tool.

An Amazon Author Page
An Amazon Author Page

Will I continue to blog?

Yes, of course I will, and hope that at least some of those I do work hard to follow will understand my motivation – the need to produce stories, much more of the time than I spend checking out the thoughts, opinions and dreams of others.

Yes, that is a selfish attitude, but what more would you expect of a person who spends the majority of their time in their own company – through choice.

Don’t worry, that was a rhetorical question.


Later today, I will once again set my timer and attempt to read about ten of the fifty blogs I follow.
Thank you as always for the patience it takes to negotiate one of my literary rallies.

Any comments are welcome.


Charities, Chapters, and Changing direction …

If I wanted to be accurate I should say another handful of chapters – six.
On 10th May I posted to say that I would not be promoting my titles for the remainder of the month. I have stuck by that idea.

What else have I avoided?
Apart from checking up on and commenting on the Indie Author Review Exchange anthologies I’ve tried to keep my Facebook visits down to two or three per day.

The two anthologies being collated and compiled by the group are to raise awareness and funds for charity, so I don’t want to miss anything important regarding them.

On that very topic, ‘You’re Not Alone’ by Ian D. Moore and friends now has a release date:
11th July 2015, so if not already noted in your diary for eBook purchase – please do so now. The paperback version will be along a little later, but there will be plenty of us giving out reminders.

Have I cut back on other social networking sites apart from Facebook?
Yes, and without going into detail on the names, the exercise has already paid dividends in one main way. I have been writing more – much more.

Where is the progress?
Primarily the progress has been with Acts of Vengeance, my sequel to Beyond The Law. Not only have I written more chapters, but I’ve done so without the frustration of stopping for lengthy periods to get into ‘discussions’.

My other stream of progress is with one of the stories I have running in the background. When I hit a stumbling block with my primary project I don’t make a fresh coffee and stare at the screen – I make a fresh coffee and get on with a different story.

What is the other story?
I know it isn’t to everybody’s taste, (which is also true of oral sex), but I’m writing an erotic novel titled, Give and Take. On the subject of taste, the first two chapters are available on my main menu to give you a flavour of the story. Look under the heading of Work in Progress.

Why am I writing such a thing?

The first reason is because I was asked by more than one person after they’d read my erotic anthology, Coming Around and other erotic stories.

The second reason is quite simply because I can. How well I’ll do the job I don’t know, but I want to give it a try.
For those who ‘enjoyed’ the Fifty Shades series I’d like to prove that there is more to the subject than a rich guy licking his lips and a virgin who doesn’t know what the initials BDSM stand for.

For the record, I read the first of the Fifty Shades books and I reviewed it on my blog. No, not because it was so good – but because I was incensed by how bad it was.

Now with all those lovely thoughts in mind, I’ll move over and let you get on with your day.

Thank you for the visit and any feedback.