Blogging on … again

Bridging the gap ...
Bridging the gap …

Here I am again and with my new theme. There was nothing wrong with the previous look but I thought that having updated my website it might be a good idea to freshen up the blog. I’ve shaken off the domain name I had but it has taken some work on my behalf.

The suppliers of my domain were decent enough when I contacted them to say I didn’t want to pay the price of a business site, extra email addresses, extra website and goodness knows how many other things I didn’t need. They didn’t explain that my blog was inextricably linked to the domain name I was trying to shrug off.

After contacting the supplier directly I was unable to log into my blog unless I went via the WordPress Support pages. In the end, following the information supplied by the guys at WordPress I’ve been able to start a new blog and transfer almost everything over.

Here we are then with a new look and this introductory waffle – which you’ll be pleased to know is about to end. My next post which will appear tomorrow, will be about reading and writing.

I Did it My Way

It was with pen, pad and a totally open mind that I sat at my desk this morning.  I promised myself I would allow all of today to concentrate on learning more about blogging.  I would like viewers to enjoy my entries and attachments so I set about reading a lot of others to get the feel of the blog author. 

                I was to find out rather quickly that my days of note-taking were not over.  Memorising a sequence of actions was never going to work, but the day was saved by the use of an ancient skill.  I formed lists of instructions using the written word… yes, I did it my way.  I concluded my day of study with a feeling of accomplishment.  This was thanks in no small part to WordPress and the support available. 

                As a writer I understand the need for useful sites and it occurred to me that providing a handful of choice links would be beneficial to any viewers to my blog.  The site links I’ve listed do improve my blog’s appearance, but they were chosen because I use all of them and therefore would recommend them. 

                I can sense fingers twitching over mouse buttons out there.  Don’t just leave, check out a link you don’t recognise.  Before you go, please remember to leave me a comment and contact so I can get back to you and your site.