Strong as Death – a review

book-cover_page_1[1]If the writer’s primary task is to entertain by suspending belief, then Julia Lund has succeeded with this wondrous tale. As a writer, I believe I should read as widely as possible. This was a third attempt at reading this genre. In the case of the other two writers, I didn’t finish reading their books.

I started this book with an open mind, and promised myself I would trust the story, if the writing was good enough. The writing was good enough … and then some.

From the outset, the characters are not only well drawn; they are believable, and attract reader empathy. There is always a sense of place. The main character’s journey is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, and the imagery is outstanding throughout.

If I should never read another book in this genre, I’m pleased to have read this one, because now I know how it should be done. I highly recommend this book. A superb piece of writing.

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