Sylvia: Beyond the Apocalypse

This story is a spinoff from the popular Light at The End trilogy.

In May 2065, a coach was the means to escape death for twenty-five people in the Scottish Highlands. Following a terrifying ride at high speed, they found safety inside a disused railway tunnel. However, while adjusting to their post-apocalyptic world the tourists discovered a serial killer in their midst.

The murderer escaped captivity to live in the wilderness, but within a year, she gave birth to Sylvia; ‘from the forest’. Growing without a peer group meant that the girl had no one with whom to compare herself. Sylvia had no notion of how special she might be.


*Author’s note: This is presently an experiment. My Light at The End trilogy was itself my first foray into a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Like the other stories, there are no zombies in ‘Sylvia’–however, death only requires a step in the wrong direction. 


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