Poetic milestone

Yesterday saw the posting onto the Starlte Cafe site of my 600th poem. 

I’ve now been at the site three years and having achieved what I consider to be a landmark I think my poetry will be giving way to my other creative writing. 

I still intend to follow up the idea of publication but I now have a foundation. 

Here is the link to the latest:

‘600 and ongoing…’


4 thoughts on “Poetic milestone

  1. Chloe

    600 poems in three years? My jaw actually just dropped. That is a prolific output if ever I have heard of one! That’s crazy! Well done 🙂


    1. Tom

      Thank you my friend. If you ever feel the need to drench yourself in poetry feel free to have a browse around. I may not be the greatest poet but I try to cover every subject known to man.


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