On Writing

I recently finished reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King.  Not remarkable in itself, except I read it in three sittings.  It was enjoyable, entertaining, educational and eye-opening.  I don’t want to go overboard with E’s so I’ll stop there.  As a guide and reference for the craft I would suggest it is also excellent.  Okay I’ll E’s off the description now. 

He informs the reader early on that it isn’t a long book and in keeping with that, his remarkable autobiography takes up less than half of it.  A writer’s profile is usually fifty to one hundred words on a flyleaf with a complimentary photo.  This book is good in my opinion because it takes you inside the writer’s thought process before you read anything of his theories on writing.  Given his status in the international storytelling market his theories are worth reading and remembering. 

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for any level of writer.