Spinning Plates …

Look ... no hands ...

My drawing for this post is a nude study I completed in March 1985.  I remember it took about three hours.  I still consider it to be one of my best of that time.  This is one of very few ladies drawn naked because I prefer to draw them partially clothed. 

Decided I had to check in here with an update.  I now have three short stories on the go and an appropriate piece for the monthly magazine Scottish Memories.  I’ve completed the writing but I want to edit once more before it goes to the magazine.  I’m considering a sidebar menu for features and articles.  It would make sense since I’m getting back into my studies with my Creative Writing course. 

Over this last week I’ve been enjoying my favourite writer’s latest tale, THOSE IN PERIL by Wilbur Smith. It has all the usual WS ingredients like adventure, larger than life characters, death and heroics.  I’m savouring this one because it will doubtless be a while before his next. 

On the Starlite Cafe site I read a poem about a lad being taken to a brothel by his father as a treat and an introduction to sex.  The comments I noticed didn’t seem to be concerned with the poetic tale itself but with the subject matter … prostitution. 

The comments rather than the poem got me thinking that there was a need for a wider explanation of the topic.  Not that I’m an expert, but I’ve written a piece which in the next two days should be ready to post.  All I ask of readers is that they remember it is personal observation, not banner waving support of the industry. 

Hopefully now everybody who reads this will be waiting impatiently for my poem about prostitution.  I’ll post a link for it on Facebook and I’d like to think it will be read with an open mind.

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  1. Poppy

    Wow! Great work Tom, love…I couldn’t draw a matchstick man..so I truly appreiate this! lol Beautiful details and work 🙂 Poppy xx


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